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Arise Stool

by Million
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color: Black

The ARISE bench is the extra bench you can pull out when people fall over; the bench you step on to reach the top shelf; the side table that you use when you need to drop things; is the flexible solution with chair qualities that make those who own it wonder how they ever lived without it. A bench with chair qualities is as suitable for adults - who can sit comfortably resting one foot on the step - as for children, who use it to climb, play or sit on as a table and attached chair. While obviously functional, the two-step stacked construction by ARISE Stool also shows its playful side. It has a graphic expression that is solid yet lightweight, thanks to its combination of solid oak material and softly rounded edges.

Material:Seat and Back/Matt Lacquered Solid Oak

steel legs

Dimensions:L48 x P40 x H46