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TR Bulb, Suspension Frame

by Audo
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color: matt black

TR Bulb is a smart solution for modern urban life, inspired by the way people are increasingly becoming urban nomads, moving between cities and countries to pursue careers and life experiences. The first collaboration between MENU and Tim Rundle, the TR lamp is designed to be taken from apartment to apartment - installed by simply screwing it into overhead sockets hanging from ceilings around the world, with no electrical knowledge required. The dimmable LED bulb, with its elegant spherical shape, hides the bulb socket, while the opaline glass diffuser creates an even and harmonious glow, preventing glare.

MENU has partnered with London-based Rundle to diversify the range of TR-series offerings. “When a light has such a simple shape, subtle differences can create a distinctly different character. The new glossy version offers a more classic touch to the design,” says Rundle.

Materials:Opal glass/Powder coated steel or brushed brass/Electrical:E27 sockets (4), 220 V, 60 W Max. Per lamp/The product has two steel anchor cables (black) which are installed on the ceiling. Two canopy kits (black plastic) included. The electrical cable (black pvc) runs alongside an anchor cable. TR bulbs included (4) (Dimmable LED) The unit does not have dimming control, must be installed separately/Regular TR bulb:6W, 2700K

Dimensions:H :45 cm, L:20 cm, L:125 cm/Cable length:300 cm wired (requires installation)